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There are different names of Shree Jagannath (or 'Sri Jagannath' or 'Shri Jagannath'), which are generaly used by people, 'Puranas' and 'Vedas'. The names of Shree Jagannath represent the activity, nature, characteristics of the Lord.

Jagannath was called "Purusottama" since his origin at Puri or ‘Purusottam Kshetra’ (the abode of Purusottam) since pre-historic times. The Rig Veda refers to him as the ‘Daru’ (sacred log of wood) of Purusottama, afloat on the eastern sea. The name "Jagannath” (Lord of the Universe) is invariably a collective representation of the Triad (Jagannath - Balabhadra - Subhadra) and has been in use since the dawn of the last millennium.

Different names of Shree Jagannath :

Chakaakhi Chakaakhi means round eyes.
Chakadola The round lid-less eyes (It symbolize the Lord in overactive and vigilant)
Chakanayana Chakanayana means round eyes.
Darubrahma Darubrahma means the wooden (Daru) image containing the supreme soul (the Brahma). It is believed that in the sacred body of Lord Jagannath, the ‘Brahma’ (Supreme Soul) has been kept in a cavity.
Devadhideva The Lord of Lords
Jagadish The king of universe
Jagatadhisha The king of universe
Jagannath The God of the Universe
Kala Thakura The black coloured God.
Mahaabaahu Big handed (It symbolize the Lord is actively helps to all)
Neeladrivihari Neelamadhab (Jagannath was worshipped as 'Neelamadhab' by an aboriginal tribe chief)
Nilachalia Live in Nilachala
Padmalochana 'Padma' means Lotus and 'Lochana' means Eye.
Patitapabana Who bless the Universe
Purusottama The Supreme Man.
Rajadhiraj The king of kings
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